On Air – 12 Oct 2017 – Perspectives on the Legacy: Visions through Music

In November 2015, the Olympic Park’s Aquatic Centre played host to a number of original atmospheric musical performances. ‘Swimming with music’ was a week long series of performances in the Aquatics Centre, Stratford, London. Performing Arts students from University of East London worked over several weeks to create original live music works which took place as the general public were swimming. Our reporters Owen Layzell, Tom Reece and Mark Loughnane investigate.

What did the swimmers and divers think of the event and how did the musicians feel playing at such an unusual venue?

Artists were mentored by professional musicians Shiva Feshareki, Matthias Kispert, Tim Murray-Browne, and Jackie Walduck.

This unique legacy event was a collaboration between UEL, Sound and Music and Bigga Fish.