Forward into Reverse, Outsider Art

RadioActive101 returns with a brand new radio show “Forward into Reverse, Outsider Art” delving into one of Britain’s last truly buried fringe cultures; noise music. Structured around the label Outsider Art as a focal point, the show serves to move the discussion on avant-garde and industrial counter cultures forward by both reflecting on the heritage of the genre and also comparing it to modern expressions of the scene.

Dean Lloyd Robinson runs the Brighton based record label Outsider Art which puts out a mixture of noise, punk, and experimental, while also recording and releasing his own music. In this episode, Dean is invited to discuss his own musical background, the output of his label, and his own opinions on where noise music sits today. Throughout the show, examples of Outsider Arts output will be showcased alongside the discussion.

The show was conceived and produced by Liam Cadogan & Euan Hill, Music Technology and Production students.