Whose Gender is it Anyway? 17 June 2015

Whose Gender is it anyway?  A challenging and sometimes controversial look at Transgender issues, considering the role that society, community and the individual plays in defining what it means to be Transgender in the 21st Century.

In doing so, young people will provide historical context, an accepted definition and some fairly shocking statistics about the scale & impact of Transphobia, both in the UK and abroad.

From here, we examine the role that society (in particular the media) plays in relation to the public perception of Trans Men & Trans Women, with a focus on the person of the hour, Caitlyn Jenner.

Next up we pose the difficult question, LGB but not T?, in asking whether the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender communities are really all in this together, before looking at the individual story of Kellie Maloney and her journey to realise Gender Re-Assignment.

Finally, we look to the positive and music. For minority groups across the ages, music has represented a medium through which they can find their voice and take control of their message. So we finish with three very different tracks focusing on Transgender issues.