The Music is the Message – Part 4


The Music is The Message – Part 4

Live show 7PM, Thursday 17th July 2014

RadioActive101: Learning through radio, learning for life!

Radioactive 101 presents the latest exciting new radio show featuring music students from the School of Performing Arts at the University of East London in collaboration with the young people at Dragon Hall youth organisation.

The show is the second part of the fascinating feature ‘Tracks of my Years’ that  documents the journey through life of a musician and producer, David ‘Zorro’ Caplin, who gives us a personal perspective on issues such as homelessness and drug addiction.  This use of ‘music as storytelling’ is the vehicle for an honest, emotional and typically cautionary tale that exposes the human reality of issues that are often treated trivially or questionably glamorised within the music industry.  We think you’ll agree it’s been emotional.

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