Belfast: My Degeneration, Music, Politics and Experiences

Belfast – My Degeneration: Music, Politics and ExperiencesThis St. Patrick’s day, RadioActive 101 presents ‘Belfast: My Degeneration’ . The show features the music, politics and experiences of older people who grew up in Belfast during ‘the Troubles’ and the influence of the emerging punk rock scene.  The show has interviews with The Shangrilads, a group of older musicians who experienced life in Belfast in the 1970s growing up through turbulent times.  The show has echoes of Carberry and Patterson’s film about the punk music scene in the late 1970s ‘Good Vibrations’ with the classic line by Terri Hooley in 1980:

‘New York has the haircuts, London has the trousers but Belfast has the bands’

The show references the influence of terrorism, music and punk and explores how gross acts of terror have the power to impact not only on British and Irish lives but to disrupt political fundraising for terrorist groups in the USA.