Activism or Vandalism?

  1. Activism or Vandalism

Activism or Vandalism is a music-themed show investigating the impact of licensing on live events comparing public and free vs private and invited (not free) events in and around East London’s Hackney Wick.  Does poverty and homelessness connect squatting and squat raves/parties as a form of activism or are they simply vandalism?

This show investigates those who choose to squat and looks at how we perceive the homeless as squatters or activists. Is there a notion of hedonism in the squatting community and does this link squatting to the illegal squat rave party scene? Perhaps the hedonistic nature of squat raves/parties is detrimental to activist groups such as The Autonomous Nation of Anarchist Libertarians damaging public opinion formed around squatting as a result of hedonistic parties.

We try to distinguish common goals, and the sociopolitical message which is held by the illegal rave/party community and ask if these parties are detrimental to the establishment’s approach in handling activism?